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February 14, 2010
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Fallout 3 Ammo PDOs by billybob884 Fallout 3 Ammo PDOs by billybob884
~^~^~ UPDATE ~^~^~

At the request of PitchblackDragon, I have added the Railway Spikes to this collection. They are technically untested, but they're pretty simple, I doubt there will be a problem.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Assembled Image

PDF of Pieces

If you can't figure out how to download this file, refer to this One-Step How-To Guide

Have you built this or one of my other models? Feel free to let me know how hard you thought they were!
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milkmomo Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, these are just about perfect for the 'paper armory' I'm working on. I'll be sure to link you a pic when they are on display. :)
monkeymenace Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for all these great papercraft models. i am currently working on cortana. Finished a weighted storage cube and a couple of frakenturrets from elsewhere. And I am so going to make the mini-nuke to toss at some friends of mine. thank you again.
billybob884 Featured By Owner May 18, 2012
love to see how they turn out!
savaries Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011
Hey man love the models. Mind if I ask your help with one of them, well anyone who has completed it could probably answer the question so feel free. I am trying to do the alien powercell 2 and dont know where to put that new piece in the bottle right.

Mind shedding some light on this? Also thanks again for all these great templates. I have wanted to try papercraft before but could never find any that turned out this awesome.
billybob884 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011
that new white piece goes on the inside of the cap. See how you cut out the white center of the silver cap? that white piece goes in there to make space to slide the cap onto the blue cylinder.
Ngggrye58 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011  Student Artist
can you give me the pdo files please because it doesn't work when i download the file from this page
billybob884 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011
try again, i just tested it and it works fine
Ngggrye58 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2011  Student Artist
DarkDreamVaMpZzz Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
emmm... hi :D i just constructed laser pistol well it was pretty hard to figure out 3 minor details cause i glued theme to the wrong side :D but i made it :D so now i wish to make some ammunition but i can't figure out how to open those files? :(

can u please suggest me something? :D

ou and one more question :D do u know maybe how to make little deathclaw? :D i wish to put it next to my Pc :D
billybob884 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2010
Actually they're made to be printed from the PDF listed in the description, and the PDO's to be used as a guide for assembling them.

I'm sorta done with my fallout model kick for the moment... so a deathclaw gauntlet isn't likely, sorry
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