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May 7, 2011


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I got Portal 2 this past Monday and had to hold off on it the whole week, since I really didn't want to play it in multiple sittings, and just finished chugging through the single player. I'm pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out. I wasn't expecting it to bomb by any means, I mean it's Valve after all, but for a sequel it's amazing! As good as, if not better than, Portal 1. Skip to the last paragraph if you haven't played it and/or don't want any spoilers.

Being a "10-hour" game, it had much more time to develop and move past the simpler puzzles, so it ended up being much more challenging towards the end, especially with all the new toys they added. I'm ashamed to admit I had to cheat on 2 or 3 of final few levels... but for the most part it turned out to be stud that was obvious in hindsight.

I did predict Wheatley becoming the bad-guy though; for some reason it's becoming an unwritten rule that the britt is always the back-stabber, though in the credits he did seem genuinely sorry for what he did... I was quite pleased with the ending otherwise, you even got the companion cube back at the last second!, and while the credits song was just as passive-aggressively funny as “Still Alive”, the tune just didn’t strike me as catchy.

All in all the dark humor was just as dark, and the puzzles were just as puzzling, so if you liked Portal 1, it's successor will be right up your alley

Additionally, I've been getting a lot of new traffic on my old Portal models lately, most likely due to Portal 2's release, but I've no immediate plans to recreate any of the new characters (or update any of the older ones), as I've been getting requests for already... but time will tell. I've also got another project in the works (which obviously has been sidetracked a bit ;) ), but hopefully it'll be done within the next few weekends (frankly it would have been much sooner, but I've basically no time during the week anymore).




But it's at my discretion ;)

NOTE: Stamps used/edited with permission from Commander-Luminaire
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Total ditto to everything you just said except I think I might have to make me a turret block.
I lol'd at the companion cube..
I was told that it isn't GLaDOS who's corrupt, but the machine she's plugged into. Which is why Wheatley turned against and feels sorry in the end.

Hi, you don't know me.
<spoiler> well the body is what corrupted wheatley, it forces him to want to test, which made him go crazy and was subsequently why he returned to normal after being removed, but glados was just a dick; she was strong enough to resist the 'temptation', but was actually a corrupt core (like 80% ?) at the start of the game, which is what let wheatley take her place
Don't forget to play the co-op as well, it has its own little storyline and lots and lots of glados talking.
I should have heeded your warning about skipping to the end....
aww sorry! well what i really said is only a skeleton of what happens, there's a looot more too it than that
No worries mate, I probably wont play it for awhile anyways. =p
CandyCaneCoon May 7, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so i take it there wont be any portal 2 craft from ya?
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